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When You Dare  - Lori Foster

In When You Dare, we meet the titular male MC, Dare, just after all the action has happened. He rescues Molly at the tail end of a rescue mission for his buddy's sister, and then LITERALLY NOTHING HAPPENS until the end of the book. And it's a loooooooong book.

Oh, goodness. I nabbed this title because it was only $4.95 on Audible and was 14+ hours long. Given how I've been blowing through audiobooks at a ridiculous pace of late, it seemed like a good deal. However, it turned into a total hate read, as in I only kept listening to find out just how much worse it could get.

(Also to find out how many more times Dare would mention his boner. Seriously, are we twelve??)

I normally love romantic suspense, having been a dedicated reader since the seventh grade. That's why it's so disappointing to see the SUPER SECRET BIG PLOT TWIST coming a mile away! The red herrings were fairly lame in this story. For such a chunkster of a book, those plotlines were left oddly unrealized. I also felt that the sub-plot regarding Molly's creepy hater/fan and all of the rather pointed comments Molly makes about readers were a bit of a statement on Foster's part. It makes me wonder if Foster gets horrible fan mail in real life.

There really isn't much to review here. Dare and Molly are one-dimensional stereotypes who fall in rather inappropriate insta-love and solve a mystery in something like three days while surrounded with even flatter one-dimensional, stereotypical supporting characters. End of story.